About Us

Harmonious Greens was developed to promote and provide a ‘plant-to-fork’ alternative way of eating. Our hydrponics indoor farm produces greens with a honest and natural growing method.

We named our business after the personality of the greens – they grow in harmony, happiness—and stand tall and beautiful as if they are singing. Their color is of beautiful shades of green, reds and pinks. The garden has an extraordinary pleasing way about it—Harmonious Greens.

Our Hydroponics’ garden

Produce available for personal and commercial. Perfect for family dinners or Chefs that admired

Our Hydroponics’ farm (no dirt | no chemicals | pesticide-free) Non-GMO seeds

Produce can be picked just hours before consumption or rooted heads keeps in frigerated climates for up to four weeks.

Packaging: Custom blends of spring mix or individual types By 5 ounce packages or bulk consumption

Our Greens

Absolutely the most delicious, crisp and clean tasting. You will never want the grocery store bagged products. Plus you’ll experience a much longer shelf-life.

  • Fresh Basil
  • Red and Green Romaine
  • Mizuna
  • Red Chard
  • Bibb (Green Butter) Lettuce
  • Green Crisp

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